Today Martennis

Martennis, We are a company created in Los Cabos, which offers services OF TENNIS LESSONS to improve its clients different qualities of the human being whether is technical or mental through tennis lessons on court and help instruction videos.. “Try to HELP them be the BEST they CAN BE

Inspiration and motivation are two great elements of the human being, therefore we adopt them as our favorite concepts.

Basically we are not only looking for a way to make them better players but more intelligent on the tennis court.

Knowing that the future is now and is a new era in humanity with technology, Martennis adjusts to the needs of the client through this magnificent platform.

Martennis Stories

Once upon a time more than 100 years ago that the royal family from England traveled to France ,they lived together and met the royal family of France.Once they got back the smallest of the granddaughters of the Queen of England asked her but grandmother the French called our sport “TENNIS”. The queen replied : My dear they say it “tenes” which mean “there you have” from the the verb “to have”. Starting from that analogy and knowing that the word of tennis comes from the verb “to have”.