Mind & Body

Mind and Body Program. Why is it called that?, Because the mind controls your body.

Before planning the recommended class program to use for a certain player, it will be necessary to make a small evaluation..

The information of the player will have to be viewed in perspective daccording to the origin of their GENES, SPORT LIFE , DIET & INJURIES OF THE PAST.

Once this is seen, Tennis Pro will also FOCUS, on how she or he play tennis, what GRIPS you have, how the player to handle FRUSTRATIONS, what game patterns, what your mental and physical abilities are. How you have to talk to each player profile is very important.

The success of the M & C program is to know what, REALLY WORKS FOR EACH PLAYER to improve, what words to say to oneself at the time of playing and what exercises to do to improve. More importantly, it is what inspires and motivates you personally. We don't teach, we help them to be better.

A new way of knowing oneself.Let's say we try to adjust your game to your personality.

For Tennis Pro it is very important to know that being in a moment of lucidity and consciously of all the circumstances that surround them, is the best way to teach.

Our attention, and brain development, manifests itself on a regular way and progressively improving manner.

MENTE Y CUERPO focuses on improving and knowing the player's:

1. Simplicity or lucidity.
2. Common Sense.
3. Awareness.
4. Emotional reaction.
5. Concentration.

Also to the extent possible:

In Martennis we want to KNOW HUMAN beings HELP improve the control of the MIND on the BODY. The knowledge THAT WORKS BETTER for each human being. We have the vision of us to improve EVEY DAY how to MOTIVATE and AUTO CORRECT each person. WE USE THE MATHEMATICS as a common language since they are fundamental in knowing how to work with the players. The more the client lets us know about His game and the way to see Tennis, the more we can help her/him.

Each client will have a personalized Profile.
Seek the power to dominate consciousness just by enjoying more and improving. More importantly, try to be the best we can be.

We are inspired and motivated by phrases such as:

-Break your physical and mental limits.
-“LEARN all your life!”
-Precision before force.
-What do you prefer: to be happy or to be perfect?

Pablo Martinez
Professional Coach
For Pablo Martinez it all started in a small town in the Center of the country of Mexico called Valle de Bravo, the son of Mexican parents began to play tennis on clay in a club called "Tennis del Lago" at the age of 3 years.

With more than 15 years of experience as a coach and being a former tennis player (ATP # 719), with more than 9 years in LOS CABOS, today he develops the Mind and Body program through Martennis.

Martennis Stories

Once upon a time more than 100 years ago that the royal family from England traveled to France ,they lived together and met the royal family of France.Once they got back the smallest of the granddaughters of the Queen of England asked her but grandmother the French called our sport “TENNIS”. The queen replied : My dear they say it “tenes” which mean “there you have” from the the verb “to have”. Starting from that analogy and knowing that the word of tennis comes from the verb “to have”.