Reasons to enroll in one of our programs

We believe that it is absolutely essential to strengthen the union of MIND & BODY.

  • Self HELP to improve the MIND's control over the BODY.
  • We have the vision of us to improve how to MOTIVATE and AUTO CORRECT each person.
  • WE USE THE MATHEMATICS as a common language since they are fundamental in knowing how to work with the players.
  • The more the client lets us know about His game and the way to see Tennis, the more we can help him.





Martennis Stories

Once upon a time more than 100 years ago that the royal family from England traveled to France ,they lived together and met the royal family of France.Once they got back the smallest of the granddaughters of the Queen of England asked her but grandmother the French called our sport “TENNIS”. The queen replied : My dear they say it “tenes” which mean “there you have” from the the verb “to have”. Starting from that analogy and knowing that the word of tennis comes from the verb “to have”.


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$ 150
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